Rosemary and mint olive oil soap, unwrapped


What’s this batch number on my label for?
In short, Dorothy’s obsession on display. Each soap batch is created in our kitchen, one at a time, with a written record of the recipe. She includes notes about the ingredients, sources, ph testing results, appearance, periodic testing, reviewer feedback, and so much more. The finished soap block gets a batch number that appears on the label of every single bar of soap that comes out of that batch so she can track them through quality control and eventually out into the world. Have a question about that bar of soap in your cabinet? Just ask us! We’ve got plenty of notes about it!

What are your soaps made from?
We make many different kinds of soaps in our kitchen so it is tricky to list every single possible ingredient. Our only rules are that it must be a naturally occurring oil, fat, or butter for your soap base and must be skin safe. Traditional choices include olive oil, coconut, castor, lard, tallow, cocoa or shea butter, avocado and hemp oils. Colorants can be a little temperamental to work with and each soaper has their own idea of what is acceptable for coloring soap. We work mostly with herbs & spices but there are some micas & occasional ultramarines that we’ll play with for you. We are happy to discuss our reasons for colorant choices with you in more detail, if you’d like. Each soap that is sold has either a printed customizable label wrapped around it or included in your gift set. It includes a written ingredient list showing what went into that specific soap or lotion. You can reference that to help answer your questions or contact us directly if you have lost yours so we may help you find the answer. If you are creating your own custom order, we are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each oil with you. Please let us know if there are any allergies to be aware of. All of our products are paraben & phalate free; we do not use any chemical preservatives. We have a few favorite recipes we have created but are open to working with almost any you choose for your creation.

Where can I find you to buy more? Do you have a storefront?
Our website here is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for online purchases. Our Where to Find Us page lists farmer’s markets, large events & retail locations that carry our products. We started a Facebook page to post weekly updates about our market schedule and welcome you to like our page here. Since we make all of our products in our own home, we do not have a storefront at this time.

Do you make custom orders?
Absolutely. We love doing custom orders. Please contact us for more details or simply add custom order to your shopping cart. We will also gladly talk to you about your needs at any of our market booths. Please allow 30 day turn around time for the cold processed custom soaps from scratch. If you simply want custom labels, there is typically a week turnaround.

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  1. I have a question. I love the fragrance of the soaps. Is there anyway to store the soap in the open to enjoy the fragrance until the soap is actually used? Or will the soap lose fragrance if not kept sealed.
    Thank you.

    1. We actually have quite a few customers that use their soaps as air fresheners in the house, in the car, and in their dresser drawers to scent their clothes. You can use any of those options and keep it in the cigar band or unwrapped. It will not affect the speed the fragrance “wears off” at all. All handmade soap will eventually lose its scent, especially citrus smells, but we have been surprised by how long some of it can last. Dorothy had someone bring her one of his original beer bars (at least four years old) and it still smelled great!

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