Customer Testimonials

Here a few testimonials from our customers, none of which are paid or compensated in any way.

My whole family loves your soaps! My teenage girls absolutely love it the best and will only use your soap on their faces now. -S.S., Houston, TX

I’m in love with your beer soap. It is the hands down best soap I have ever used. I won’t ever go back to that stuff I used to buy at the store. My skin isn’t dry anymore and I can’t get enough of how good it feels! I’ve told all of my friends and converted my family now. -MH, Houston, TX

I just love your chocolate soap! I hoard it and don’t want to share it with the kids! -SL, Cypress, TX

Your soaps are great- my skin is so soft now and doesn’t dry out like it used to. I’m telling my coworkers they’ve got to try it but they’ll have to get their own because I’m not sharing mine! -N.O., Houston, TX

We know that you and your family will enjoy our soaps too and we encourage you to give us your feedback! Yes, we even like to hear the bad ones too! Email your thoughts directly to Dorothy at and you might find yours up here too, if you say it’s ok!

Happy Washing!


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